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hydraulic system Pilot Operated Relief Valve



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hydraulic system Pilot Operated Relief Valve  Product Description  Features:This type of  pilot Operated Relief Valve is always used in a simple hydraulic system, and can be used to maintain constant pressure in a hydraulic systemPilot operated relief valves are simple structures and economical.Remote control and unloading are permitted by vent circuit.It is designed for protecting the hydraulic system from excessive pressure. Specifications: Model NumbersMax. PressurePressure Adj. RangeMax. FlowWeightkgBolt SizeThread typeGasket typekgf/cm2kgf/cm2l/minBT-BG-BG-BT-04BG-032501: 7-70, 2:10-140,3:15-210, 4:15-300602.64.7M12x70x2pcsM12x90x2pcsBT-06BG-062004.06.6M16x60x2pcsM16x80x2pcsBT-10-161.5-- Model Number: BT03110lllllSeries NumberPilot Operated Relief ValvesType of MountingT: Thread typeG: Gasket typePort Size03:3/8”06:3/4”10:1-1/4”Pressure Adj. Rang1:7-70kgf/cm22:10-140kgf/cm23.:15-210kgf/cm24.:15-300kgf/cm2Design Number  hidrolik power pack, listrik kemasan, hidrolik, fluida listrik, katup, manifold, hidrolik fitting, berjenis blok, hidrolik katup, solenoid valve, sistem hidrolik, powerpack unit haydroliko kapangyarihan pack, kapangyarihan pack, haydroliko, tuluy-tuloy kapangyarihan, balbula, manifolds, haydroliko fitting, sari-sari block,haydroliko balbula,solenoyde balbula,haydroliko sistema,powerpack yunit ng,  Hydraulikaggregat,Kraftpakete,hydraulisch,Fluidtechnik,Ventil,Mannigfaltigkeiten,Hydraulikanschlüsse,Verteilerblock,Hydraulikventil,Solenoidventil,Hydrauliksystem,Powerpack Einheiten,  kuasa pek hidraulik,kuasa pek,hidraulik,kuasa bendalir,injap,pancarongga,kelengkapan hidraulik,blok pancarongga,injap hidraulik,injap solenoid,sistem hidraulik,unit PowerPackPower Pack idraulico,centraline,idraulico,fluido di alimentazione,valvola,collettori,raccordi idraulici,manifold,valvola idraulica,elettrovalvola,impianto idraulico,unita POWERPACK valve directional control pilot operated, Speed control valve, Speed control valve DN  
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